25+ Black Owned Businesses To Shop From This Holiday Season

www.godiam.org for your Afrocentric Melanated clothing and jewelry needs 




https://www.padstylehomeinteriors.com for your interior home decoration needs 


https://daniellepreciouscreations weebly.com for your life-like dolls 



http://phillyseoconsultants.com to help drive traffic to your website



https://www.etsy.com/Shop/SassycustomsbyB for your designer clothing and home decoration 


https://certifiedbellabeauty.com Look no further for your hair care products 



https://queencentric.com Assessories for Queens



https://www.oshunorganics.com If you love your body you will love their organic soaps and natural body pampering products. 



http://www.yophiboutique.com for custom Tees and more 




http://www.latevihasboutique.bigcartel.com Very trendy online boutique to help you keep up with the latest fashion.


http://lakeesha-tucker.com This Southern Bell writes very touching and captivating poetry and stories. You have to read her beautiful mind stimulating creations.   



https://www.theherbalhooker.com will heal your body and your soul. Check them out for their mind, soul and body healing products.




http://www.misszee.net for products that empower your children and promotes their love of self, wellbeing and Melanated identity.



 http://www.royalserrytravel.com Traveling is good for the soul. It makes you feel alive and relieve a lot of stress. 


http://www.sistaloc.org is the first african-american owned complete natural hair care salon in the Charlotte area. call them at 704-395-6005 to check out prices and make appointments.  

https://www.nspirenetwork.com A black owned business dedicated to your feminine needs and much more. All natural non-toxic material unlike other pads. This product have 8 layers of protection to keep you dry. 


https://www.sneakerscustom.com is a black owned custom sneaker manufacturer. 


https://www.kinlochboutique.com Get all the latest fashions here


https://doughstacker.com for your cutting edge web designs and logos that is tailored to you. 


http://www.hammerheadproductionsjacksonville.net providing the highest quality Photo and Video Productions. Contact them at  904-554-1548  or 404-719-7188.


https://www.mybelissimalove.com for all your natural body needs. They also have beard oil for the gentlemen of the popular new beard gang trend. 





https://teespring.com/stores/shawns-store for your hoodies, tees and other afrocentric apparel 



http://www.howareyouliving.com  With over 15 years of experience Trust Living Well Designs for Excellent Websites and high-quailty Voice Services from our newly-renovated Recording and Production Studio.


https://sableassent.com We are a Global Black Resource platform for profit and non-profit businesses. Our skilled Assent Team along with our proven  verification system will begin to create new high paying jobs for anyone, anywhere in the world that is part of our global black community.


http://thepathtowealthcreation.com How to build wealth in Real Estate begins with buying investment properties at a discounted price. Learn to invest in real estate with these awesome tips and techniques we have to offer by clicking on the picture below. 


For your natural hair, skin and body care line https://www.lukizzymoton.com is your one stop shop.