AUGUST 23, 2016

I often thought John Nolte’s “CNN is Hitler” comments were a bit over-the-top. Clinton-biased? Of course. Hitler? I thought that was a bit extreme.

But now, it’s all starting to make sense.

CNN Politics updated headline read this morning, “Trump wants GOP to court black voters -- then slams voting rights for felons.” Yup. CNNattempted to bash Trump’s restrictions on felons, claiming that preventing felons from voting somehow targets black voters.

CNN implied black voters’ rights are the same as felons’ rights.

Ironically, this was in a piece attempting to portray Trump as a systematic racist. The first two paragraphs of the CNN piece began,

Donald Trump acknowledged Saturday that the Republican Party "must do better" in appealing to African-Americans.

But in the same speech here, he again slammed an order by the state's Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, to restore voting rights to some convicted felons who have completed their sentences, a move McAuliffe sayscould help African-Americans who were disproportionally affected by laws that put lifetime bans on felons.

So according to McAuliffe, CNN, and other Clinton allies granting voters’ rights to convicted felons in an attempt to help "African-Americans” is somehow less racist because to that breed of leftists, blacks are felons.

McAuliffe’s goal, according to CNN, is to allow up to 200,000 convicted felons to vote. This is his presumed way of aiding the black community, because he sees blacks as likely felons whose only salvation is increased felons' rights. 

The Hill’s Joe Concha noted both the authors on today’s hypocritical CNNpiece are white.

“If this is the racial prism they see the country through, it might be time to look into some adult classes on self-awareness,” he wrote.