By Any Means Necessary Jacket

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Malcolm X was not shown much love throughout history because his message was about standing up to the oppressors through unity in a very militant manner. He was not about turning the other cheek and for this all attempts have been made to not honor him for his great contributions to our community. The “turn the other cheek” message is what The oppressors have been pushing and they will only uplift our heros that has turned the other cheek. This is because they want us to forgive and forget and keep turning the other cheek while still doing the same thing to us while they the oppressors don’t want anyone to forget what was done to them, whilst soliciting us to fight their wars. He showed the oppressors the other side of us and they did not like it. Let’s show them we have learned a lot from this great man, and that is we are willing to get respect by any means necessary. This jacket is to pay tribute to this great man that showed us the way.